Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Today's letters

Today I got letters from Iceland and the USA.

(Iceland Left, USA Right)

I love getting letters from my Icelandic pen pal, she always sends really cool things! She didn't send me a letter as such this time but instead she sent me loads of little things she had found.

I love receiving unusual things like this. Especially as I've never seen things like this before! She sent a letter with these things telling me what they all are. It includes a treasure map she and her friend made, a joker playing card and a temporary tattoo she found at an art gallery.

(Hræddur flýr þó enginn elti - Afraid flees although no one follows)


  1. I see my letter in there! Sorry it was so plain, but usually my letters get more colorful as I get to know you better!

    1. Don't worry its fine! :) most of mine are plain haha I know how hard it is to write the first letter so thank you :)

  2. Oh wow I'm so glad you liked my letter!
    PS. I got yours today, mon p'tit canard!

    love, Laufey