Monday, 18 June 2012

Treasures from Thailand

A few months ago I received my first letter from Nampueng in Thailand. It was so exciting! I came home to find a large brown envelope with the most beautiful hand writing on it and instantly, I was reminded why I love Snail Mail so much.
(This beautiful stamp was the first thing I noticed)

(Such perfect handwriting)

She added in her letter a really pretty postcard, a photo of where she lives and an unusual figurine. I was really excited when I saw the figurine I had never seen anything quite like it! It really shows you that the littlest things can be the most enchanting.

(The little figurine Nampueng sent me)

Her handwriting took my breath away. I had never seen anything so perfect in my life (and I consider my hand writing to be pretty good). I was so jealous! Considering the Thai language is made up of a totally different letter format to the English I was extremely impressed.


I also loved her Lilo and Stitch paper! It was interesting to see how someone from such a different culture can share the same interests as someone in the UK. 

(Nampuengs letter)

I can't wait to receive more letters from Thailand in the future! Thank you so much Nampueng :)

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