Sunday, 8 July 2012

Lost letters

It's been a while, I'm sorry.

I am back though and it may be midnight but I am going to post something!

So recently a few of my Pen Pals have told me that my letters I sent months ago haven't arrived. Now I know the postal service in some countries isn't that great but still, they aren't that bad. So here's some tips to make sure your letter doesn't get lost:

  • Make sure you know exactly how much you have to pay to send the letter. If it is slightly heavier than normal it might be more expensive. Also to send to someone else's country is more than it is to send to your own country. If you don't pay the right amount your letter will either be returned to sender or just disposed of.
  • Always add a return address. My pen pals will know I'm terrible at remembering to do this. To try and help me remember I made some fun address stickers to add to the envelopes. If you don't add a return address and your letter is refused for any reason they will just dispose the letter so be careful!
There's only two tips there but that's all you need to remember really. Taking the letter to the post office directly, rather than putting it into a post box, could also prevent risk of them losing it and it prevents the risk of you paying too much or too little for the letter too.

I hope that helps! And I promise I will add some interesting stuff soon! 


  1. most of them get also stolen, not just lost, unfortunately. i've noticed that whenever i send a well filled and/or nicely decorated envelope, it ALWAYS gets "lost". meanwhile i started to write on all envelopes "card only" or "documents only"; it seems to help a bit, but nonetheless, i always have to ask people if they received it

    1. I guess that's something I never considered but it must happen a lot. I always feel confident with royal mail because they don't have a bad name when it comes to losing things but they aren't the only ones who will handle my letter. It seems to be only boring hand-written letters that I have lost so far (Thank god) but I can imagine how annoying it is to lose something you spent so much time on. Thanks for your contribution I really appreciate it :)