Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Recent letters!

So far this week I have received 3 letters.
(Cool batman top)

The first letter I received was from Sarah from Germany. Sarah is really important to me as a pen pal. She lives in the same area in Germany as my Dad grew up in, and regularly sends me photos so I can see what its like. I've never actually got the chance to visit where he grew up.

(Cute cat paper from Sarah)

When me and Sarah first started to write to each other we didn't know she was from the same area as my dad. However as we started writing, and she started mentioning places I recognised, it soon became apparent that there was some connection. It was a really amazing discovery and I could never have imagined it happening. I hope to carry on writing to her long into the future.

(Snapshot of Sarahs letter)

My next letter was from Makenna from USA. Makenna is a new pen pal of mine and I always find it interesting writing the first few letters and getting to know the person. I can't wait to exchange more letters with her.

(Makennas letter header)

My final letter so far was from Opaline from France. Opaline is another one of my original pen pals and we write quite frequently. We exchanged a few letters in French to start with but I had to stop for a while because I started to speak French instead of Spanish in my Spanish lessons... oops! I hope we can write in French again in the future. 

(Opalines beautiful writing and paper)

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