Wednesday, 25 July 2012


I thought I'd update everyone on what has happened recently. Firstly we are on about 1700 views so we are getting closer to the message in a bottle! I have only received one message for it so far though so keep them coming! The bottle is all ready.

(Opalines message for the bottle)

I also bought loads of cards in the shop the other day. They are all British themed (of course ;))and were so cheap from the works. They were buy one get one free and £1.99 each! Steal!

(The boxes of cards)

I've also received several small gifts recently :D I don't actually expect to receive any gifts so its amazing when I do! Thanks so much!

(A postcard, two bookmarks, a toy soldier, a bracelet and a panda sweet)

I'm going away to Spain next week so I wont be able to post anything that week. Sorry in advance!

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