Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Recent letters

I found a way to add photos which works... yay! 

So here are my recent letters! 

The first of the letters is from the beautiful Serine from Norway. She sent me loads of lovely photos of her holiday to Spain and Gibraltar and wrote me a lovely long letter! She always buts so much effort into each letter and I love it so much :D 

The next letter is from Rachel from the U.S.A. Rachel always surprises me, I am amazed how someone with so many pen pals can reply with such wonderful long letters really really quickly! She also sends such lovely teas and stickers :D

This is the postcard Serine sent me from Spain. She was there at almost the same time as me just a few miles down the road from where I was staying! 

This next letter is from one of my most loved pen pals, Sarah from Germany. She's one of my original pen pals and I love hearing from her! With this letter she sent me some crazy photos her sister took of her! She should look forward to some crazy ones of me and my brother in return ;D

This is a letter from another of my original pen pals, Opaline from France. She always has the cutest paper and the most beautiful French writing <3

This next letter is from Hyeji from South Korea. She sent me this little packet of cream stuff and a picture of her sister for me to draw for her! I better get busy ;D

This letter was from Belle from Taiwan. I love this postcard! Its so crazy! I've never seen anything quite so weird before!

This letter and postcard is from Sila in Indonesia. I love the postcard its so pretty! Indonesia is somewhere I'd love to go some day.

The next one is from Bailey from the U.S.A. She sent me a mix CD which I really must listen to soon! She also sent me a cool friendship bracelet which looks a bit like a snake! 

I'll add some more photos of my most recent letters soon!


We finally reached 2500 views! Thank you all so much! I'm going to start a competition (with a prize for the winner) for the best message to go in the message in a bottle! :D I will also start making the bottle very soon too!

I thought I'd share some of the stats with you now we have reached this many views

Thank you to everyone from the United States! You really do make up the bulk of my views! Seeing as this blog is I am even more impressed! Thank you also to everyone else who has viewed my website, it's lovely to see all the international support <3

I would also like to thank every one of my followers on Tumblr. As you can see the bulk of my followers are redirected from Tumblr so thank you!

Keep checking back for the competition details! ;D


Due to some technical difficulty with blogspot I cant currently post any photos! D: As soon as it starts working again I will add loads of photos... Promise!

I will update you on letters I have received this week, there are quite a few seeing as for some reason I haven't received letters in quite a while and then received loads all at one... hmm..

Here they are:

1. Serine - Norway
2. Rachel - U.S.A
3. Sarah - Germany
4. Opaline - France
5. Hyeji - South Korea
6. Belle - Taiwan
7. Sila - Indonesia
8. Bailey - U.S.A
9. Michelle - Denmark
10. Ayana - Japan
11. Makenna - U.S.A
12. Vinny - U.S.A
13. Grace - Germany

So as you can probably tell it's going to take me a while to reply to all of these but don't worry! They will all be replied too!

Monday, 27 August 2012


We are just 73 views away from a message in a bottle! Yay!

Change of Appearance

As you've probably noticed, I've changed the design of this blog!

What do you think?

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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Message in a Bottle story: A Ticket to Freedom

During a 1979 cruise to Hawaii, Dorothy and John Peckham passed the time by writing notes and throwing them overboard inside empty champagne bottles. They asked anyone who found on of their bottles to write back to them, and even went as far as to include a $1 bill to cover the postage.

On 4th March 1983, John's 70th birthday, the couple received a letter from Hoa Van Nguyen. Nguyen a former soldier in the Vietnamese Army, said he and his younger brother had found one of the Peckhams' bottles as the two men were floating 15 kilometres from the shore of Songkhla Province in Thailand. They were braving the waters of the Pacific in a small, shallow riverboat in order to escape the Communist regime in Vietnam. When they saw the bottle, they felt as though a prayer had been answered, giving them the strength to carry on. After reading the letter, the Peckhams looks for Songkhla on a map and were shocked to find that the bottle had travelled 9,000 miles from Hawaii.

The Peckhams corresponded with Hoa for years, sharing in his joy they received a photo from his wedding, then again nice months later when they saw his newborn son. But most of all, they empathized with Hoa's desire to give his family the best life he could. So when Hoa asked if the Peckhams could help his family move to the U.S., they didn't hesitate. After months of working with U.S. Immigration, the two families finally did meet in 1985, when a plane from Thailand landed in Los Angeles - the Nguyen's new home.

I saw this story and it really inspired me. It looks like the bottles I send out for our website views wont be the only messages in bottles I ever send. 

Any Questions? Queries? Curiosities? Suggestions? Ideas?

I haven't mentioned it in a long time so I thought I would mention it again! If you ever want to ask me anything, give me any suggestions, or just say hello! you can always contact me at many different places!


Or of course! On a comment of anyone of my posts ;D

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See it's easy! I look forward to hearing your recommendations soon ;D

P.S. If you'd rather just get to know me more then don't be shy! Ever heard the rumour that I'm related to royalty and want to know if its true? Well you have now! So don't be afraid, ask away :)

Psssssttttt... We are at about 2350 views which means only one thing... Its nearly message in a bottle time! Don't forget to submit your message for it! All are welcome :)

Guess who went stationery shopping!

This weekend I thought I'd take a trip to TkMaxx to see what cool pen pal things I could find. I wasn't disappointed!

The first thing on my shopping list was a box to store my letters in and I managed to find almost the most perfect box for the job! 

Its all decorated with postmarks and airmail stamps and I love it! The best bit was probably the price it was about £5, (6 Euros or $9 approx.) which is an absolute steal in my opinion! 

Looks like I'll have to buy another one fairly soon! 

The next thing I bought was this glittery card set which came in a glittery box!

The cards are as pretty and glittery as the box and they come in two designs. Look out for these beautiful cards when its your next birthday! 

The next thing I found was this pink textured letter set. It's more girly than what I would usually choose but I think its quite nice and I couldn't resist it at the price of £1! (1.20 Euros $1.80 approx.) 

The second letter set was from the same company and its the see through envelopes with the question mark designs that intrigued me. I can't wait to send one of these mysterious letters to my pen pals soon!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Putting a smile on a sick childs face

I found a website which allows you to write to children in hospital and I thought it was a really sweet idea.

I thought I'd share it with you all in case anyone was looking for something similar but was struggling to find it.

Here's the link:

I'd love to hear about any ones experiences with this :)

Friendship books

Earlier I was browsing the internet looking for cool things to write in my blog and I found out about something that I thought was really cool called a friendship book.

A friendship book is a small book which is posted around the world and then eventually returned to the sender when completed. 

Basically someone creates a book and they post it to one of their pen pals. Their pen pal writes a message in it along with their name, address and photo and then posts it to someone else. The person they post it to then  writes a message along with their name address and photo and then posts it on again to someone else. This process continues and continues until the book is full. When the book is full the last person to write in it returns it to the sender.

I thought this sounded like a really cool idea so I think I will create one of my own! I don't know if I'll ever get the book back but I just thought it would be amazing if it did work!

What do you all think of this idea?

Benefits of having a Pen Pal

For all those people who aren't sure if they should find a Pen Pal or not here are some of the benefits:

  • Improves reading and writing skills - I've definitely found recently that both my reading and writing skills have improved. I've never been that good with English and this has really helped me. Also seeing how good people who aren't native speakers are at English has really made me try harder seeing as I really don't have any excuse to be bad.

  • Increases confidence - I've always been slightly worried when going to other countries that I wont be able to fit in because I'm from such a different culture, but from doing Snail Mail, what I have found is quite the opposite. Everyone I have met from different countries and cultures has very similar interests and leads a fairly similar lifestyle to me. It has really helped me feel confident about travelling and possibly moving abroad in the future.

  • Promotes patience - I understand that for a lot of people waiting multiple days and sometimes weeks for a letter seems crazy, but after a few letters you start to realise that the longer you wait the more valuable to letter feels. It also helps you in other situations in life. We live in a time where we expect everything when we want it and not a second later and not everything in life always works that way. Patience I think is such a valuable skill, I've also found it makes you a much calmer and less stressed person if you have patience as well.

  • Improves geography, history and language skills -  Okay so for me because I'm an English native, I haven't really improved any language through Snail Mail, but that's only because I have chosen not to! Writing letters is a great way to learn a language and like they say, there is no better way to learn a language than from a native. My geography has improved greatly as well. I have had requests from countries I haven't even heard of before! I even bought a massive map of the world to see where my pen pals are from. Learning history from letters is great. By asking my pen pals about their countries I have learnt so much about how they have changed, especially some of the Asian countries. Another thing I forgot to add in the title but you learn a lot about is Politics. I have a pen pal from America who I solely write about politics to. We exchange mile long letters about each of our countries laws and values expressing our views to each other.

  • Increases understanding - It makes you understand and open your eyes to other peoples cultures and values. I also think it makes you more rounded as a person. I think that it is really important for people  to understand about the world around them and I feel as if we all have an understanding with each other we can prevent any future conflicts.
I hope you like my mini essay about the benefits of snail mail! 

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Letter from Singapore

Josephine is a new pen pal of mine and when I received her letter I was so happy! 

Her writing is as pretty as her envelope and its fair to say she put a lot of effort into what she did!

She also sent two cards and a calender which are both really cute! 

And here is the logo inspiration! It was so cute! 

I'm honoured to introduce the messages from bottles logo!

I got a letter from a pen pal in Singapore and her writing was so pretty I made a couple of changes and decided to make it the logo!

Its simple but I love it. Thanks so much Josephine! 

What do you think of it?