Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Recent letters

I found a way to add photos which works... yay! 

So here are my recent letters! 

The first of the letters is from the beautiful Serine from Norway. She sent me loads of lovely photos of her holiday to Spain and Gibraltar and wrote me a lovely long letter! She always buts so much effort into each letter and I love it so much :D 

The next letter is from Rachel from the U.S.A. Rachel always surprises me, I am amazed how someone with so many pen pals can reply with such wonderful long letters really really quickly! She also sends such lovely teas and stickers :D

This is the postcard Serine sent me from Spain. She was there at almost the same time as me just a few miles down the road from where I was staying! 

This next letter is from one of my most loved pen pals, Sarah from Germany. She's one of my original pen pals and I love hearing from her! With this letter she sent me some crazy photos her sister took of her! She should look forward to some crazy ones of me and my brother in return ;D

This is a letter from another of my original pen pals, Opaline from France. She always has the cutest paper and the most beautiful French writing <3

This next letter is from Hyeji from South Korea. She sent me this little packet of cream stuff and a picture of her sister for me to draw for her! I better get busy ;D

This letter was from Belle from Taiwan. I love this postcard! Its so crazy! I've never seen anything quite so weird before!

This letter and postcard is from Sila in Indonesia. I love the postcard its so pretty! Indonesia is somewhere I'd love to go some day.

The next one is from Bailey from the U.S.A. She sent me a mix CD which I really must listen to soon! She also sent me a cool friendship bracelet which looks a bit like a snake! 

I'll add some more photos of my most recent letters soon!