Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Due to some technical difficulty with blogspot I cant currently post any photos! D: As soon as it starts working again I will add loads of photos... Promise!

I will update you on letters I have received this week, there are quite a few seeing as for some reason I haven't received letters in quite a while and then received loads all at one... hmm..

Here they are:

1. Serine - Norway
2. Rachel - U.S.A
3. Sarah - Germany
4. Opaline - France
5. Hyeji - South Korea
6. Belle - Taiwan
7. Sila - Indonesia
8. Bailey - U.S.A
9. Michelle - Denmark
10. Ayana - Japan
11. Makenna - U.S.A
12. Vinny - U.S.A
13. Grace - Germany

So as you can probably tell it's going to take me a while to reply to all of these but don't worry! They will all be replied too!

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