Thursday, 11 October 2012


We have hit yet another milestone! Wahoo!

Due to the failure of the last message in a bottle attempt, I will save your messages (However little there were) until we hit a more dramatic milestone.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind people that they can contact both me and Chloe (or both of us together) through various ways:


Jessica's personal Tumblr:
Chloe's persona Tumblr:
Messages from Bottles official Tumblr:

E-mail: (If you have a specific message for either me or Chloe then you can always state it in your E-mail)

Twitter: @abottlesmessage

And, as always, you can comment on anyone of our posts and we will try our hardest to reply A.S.A.P!

The question of the moment, which will be added to the poll, is... Do you think messages from bottles should have a Facebook page?

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