Tuesday, 16 October 2012

New letters!

I'm going to make a post in the next few weeks about my birthday cards and things so don't be worried if it looks like your birthday card has gone missing from your letter! 

This first letters from Grace in Germany. She sent back my contact card yay! I wasn't sure if anyone would actually bother to fill them in for me. I like the German stamps, so pretty.

This letter is from Hyeji in Korea. She sent me tea and photos and my little card for a message in a bottle (Which I will do... I'm just not sure when...) She also sent me a little Korea lesson.

I'm not sure I'll be fluent in Koran any time soon but eh! It doesn't hurt to try!

Finally, this letter is from Serine in Norway. I love Serine's letters they are always so cute. I especially love the seal and I cant wait to try the chocolate! 

Thank you everyone <3

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