Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Welcome Chloé!

We have a new author! yay!

I introduced Chloé to Snail Mail a while ago and I haven't got time to post all the time at the moment, so I kinda forced her to help me with the blog! Hopefully now there will be plenty of interesting things to read on here from two Snail Mail enthusiasts... and that's never a bad thing!

(Proof I do know Chloé (; )

Me and Chloé were at school together and used to share many...imaginative conversations together. Somehow we managed to go from singing Lady Gaga to hey! have you ever heard of Snail Mail? and I thought there was no better person to share their Snail Mail experiences with you than her. 

I hope you're all as excited as me to hear what Chloé has to say in the future :)

Jessica <3