Thursday, 25 April 2013 Review

Here is the promised review of!

All of the items were well packaged and in great condition, everything that I ordered arrived so I am very impressed!

I wasn't sure what was fair to put about the postage. I opted for the most expensive postage in order to get the package to the UK from China in the safest and quickest possible way. It arrived in 5 days (It's been 4 weeks since I sent a postcard from China and it still hasn't arrived in the UK so I know how unreliable it is) and I am extremely impressed by that! However the postage was $36 (£26.33 or 27.68 euros) which is almost the same amount as my total order cost. I guess I could have chosen a cheaper postage option and it did come from China but it was still quite expensive.
Everything was a bargain! I paid $46 (£30/35 Euro) for everything I bought which I think is extremely reasonable given the amount I bought!

The website is so cute! How could I give it any less than 5 stars? There is also so much to choose from.

I would definitely recommend Janetstore to anybody so go and check them out!

New Stationery!

My Janet store order came already! I'm going to show you what I got in this post and then make another post reviewing the store.

It was a sunny day today so I decided to take photos of everything on the grass. It's a rare occasion that the sun shines in the UK so I thought I'd make the most of it!

Happy go lucky super value pack including: A gift bag, sticker set, two letter sets, a book mark and a paper set - $4.99 (£3.23/€3.84)

Bunny rabbit super value pack including: A letter set, 2 sticker packs, one sticker box, one hairband and a greeting card- $4.99 (£3.23/€3.84)

My little friends elephant super value pack including: A paper set, a letter set, stickers and tape- $3.20 (£2.07/€2.46)

Alice in Wonderland super value pack : A letter set, 2 sticker packs, one sticker box, one hairband, a post card, small cards and a small paper set $6.99 (£4.53/€5.38)

Disney letter sets super value pack including 6 Disney letter sets- $7.50 (£4.86/€5.38)

Disney letter sets super value pack including: 4 Large Disney letter sets - $15.00 (£9.72/€11.54)

These stickers were too cute to resist! Kamio stickers - $1.40 (£0.91/€1.08)

The paper inside this pack is so pretty -Playboy writing paper - $2.20 (£1.43/€1.69)

I think these were free (or I can't find which set they belong to!) Thanks Janet Store!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Where can I get cute stationery?

I made a post about this a while ago but it was kinda hidden in another post so I've decided to post the links again to help you.

I usually get my stationery from the back of TK Maxx but I have heard from a few people now that not all of their shops actually sell anything other than clothes. So if you live in the UK it's worth checking out the back of TK Maxx and kinda rummaging around in between the books and notepads but I can't guarantee you will be successful, sorry!

The other place I get stationery from is eBay. This is the shop I usually buy things from:
It sells all kinds of weird stuff at a good price so I definitely recommend checking that out. Remember you can buy stuff from eBay USA even if you aren't from the USA, as long as it delivers to your country. I have found that eBay USA have a larger range of items for snail mail and it is much cheaper.

The other places that I have been recommended to buy stationery from are:

I have only just tried Janet Store so expect a review on that soon! I have not personally used any of the other sites as of yet but I'm sure I will soon!

I hope that helps anyone looking for cool paper and stuff.

Jessica xx

Recent Letters

I thought I would take a picture of some of the letters I have received since Christmas to show you so here they are:

(Grace, Germany)

(Louise, Sweden)

(Cute Swedish stamps)

(Charlie, U.A.E)

(Vinny, U.S.A)

(Opaline, France)

(Kenna, U.S.A)

(Patriotic American Stamps)

(Sila, Indonesia)

(I love Silas little note)

(Sila, Indonesia)

(Opaline, France)

(Alisa, Japan)

(Pile of letters)

(Nathalie, Sweden)

(Grace, Germany)

(Alisa, Japan)

(Josephine, Singapore)

(Sarah, Germany)

(More Cool Swedish Stamps)

(Charlie, U.A.E)

(Rachel, U.S.A)

(Amanda, Taiwan)

(Interesting Taiwanese Stamp)

(Hyeji, South Korea)