Thursday, 25 April 2013 Review

Here is the promised review of!

All of the items were well packaged and in great condition, everything that I ordered arrived so I am very impressed!

I wasn't sure what was fair to put about the postage. I opted for the most expensive postage in order to get the package to the UK from China in the safest and quickest possible way. It arrived in 5 days (It's been 4 weeks since I sent a postcard from China and it still hasn't arrived in the UK so I know how unreliable it is) and I am extremely impressed by that! However the postage was $36 (£26.33 or 27.68 euros) which is almost the same amount as my total order cost. I guess I could have chosen a cheaper postage option and it did come from China but it was still quite expensive.
Everything was a bargain! I paid $46 (£30/35 Euro) for everything I bought which I think is extremely reasonable given the amount I bought!

The website is so cute! How could I give it any less than 5 stars? There is also so much to choose from.

I would definitely recommend Janetstore to anybody so go and check them out!

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