Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Shopping trip!

I had the day off today so I decided to go shopping (and then make a video tutorial haha).

I actually went to hobbycraft today just looking for one of those date stamps... and they only had one with the date in the American format (MM/DD/YYYY) and I have nothing against the Americans for doing that but you know, I really could not bring myself to buy something which had the date the wrong way around ;). Anyway after the stamp disappointment I ended up attempting to purchase the whole shop (as usual) and I spent £40 but actually got some quite cute stuff!

Firstly I got this blank scrapbook for the postcard project which was only £9.99 which I was pretty impressed with. It's got quite a lot of pages inside which will be good for 196 postcards!

Then there was this reduced birthday card making set and I thought I had to have that! I am the worst person in the world for remembering peoples birthdays and I need to buy a special pen pal birthday calender or something because I feel super rude always forgetting haha

I got this mini letter stamps which are so cute! And then two ink pads. I mainly got the ink pads for my chinese stamp (which i will probably post in another post) I love that stamp but the ink for it is so traditional and it just goes all over me and the letters and it never dries so I thought getting a new one may be best!

These were only £3 each and I thought they would make lovely gifts (but I'm going to keep them for myself, who am I kidding? haha) They had loads of different fonts, I'm actually really tempted to go back and buy them all!

Lastly I got these card decorations. They were cheap misfits really, ones that had fallen out of other sets etc. I thought they would be a nice addition to letters or to my scrap book or something so I bought them anyway.

And that's my most recent shopping trip! Dont forget to check out my video tutorial! There will be plenty more like it soon as I start creating the 196 postcard project scrapbook!

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  1. nice stationery, I ve been looking for the alphabet stamps for a long time and havent found any, but I will keep hunting hehe :))