Monday, 12 August 2013

The around the world in 196 postcards project

Recently I wondered if anyone had ever collected a postcard from every country in the world and I thought it would be such a cool thing to do! So I am going to make a scrap book with 196 and fill one page with photos and a postcard of each country. And that's where you all come in!

I am looking for 1 postcard from every capital city of every country in the world (yes all 196 countries). 

So I am asking for people to volunteer to send me a postcard or photos of their country to appear in my scrapbook!

What will you get in return? If you leave me a return address I will send you another postcard with a letter thanking you in return!

And I will of course keep everyone updated as to how the project is going!

Want to get involved?

Email me @:

Send me a question on Tumblr:

I'm hoping this will work! I'll post a list of all the 196 countries and their capitals shortly!

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