Tuesday, 17 September 2013

The around the world in 196 postcards project - Update

I thought I would just make it clear again what the project is about and how to be involved.

I am basically asking for one postcard from every country in the world. I currently have postcards from:

United Kingdom

If you aren't from one of these countries then why not get involved?

Whats in it for you? Well in return I will send you:

A postcard
A letter

(Remember to send your home address to messagesfrombottles@gmail.com along with your country so I know who to send them too!)

The person who sends the best postcard will win a prize! (Probably a kawaii letter set but its not yet decided)

I hope you are interested in getting involved! If so remember you can contact me via tumblr or the email above!

Jessica xx

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