Tuesday, 26 November 2013

How safe is Snail Mail?

I was looking around the internet recently, seeing what questions were most frequently asked by those who are interested in Snail Mail but perhaps have a few reservations about it, and this was the most common question so I thought I would address it for you all!

I'll start this off by saying this simply, Snail Mail is as safe as you make it. It's important that you are careful before giving out any details on the internet and Snail Mail is no exception to that rule.

I have never had any problems with security. To start with I was worried that someone dodgy would get hold of my address and I would be killed in my sleep or something but I can assure you all that that has never happened... I promise ;).

My advice will always be that if you want to start snail mail then you most definitely should. It's probably the best hobby I have undertaken and I don't regret a single thing. However if you are still worried about your security here are a few simple tips to follow to stay safe!

♥ Use a respectable website in order to find a pen pal - If you are going to place a pen pal advert on a website the places I would recommend are Tumbr, Interpals and Instagram. I have searched the internet long and hard trying to find a decent website specifically for Snail Mail pen pals and I am not convinced that there is one out there currently so those three websites are definitely the best available.

♥ Never post your address directly on an advert - When posting a pen pal advert make sure you don't put your home address, leave an email address so that people can contact you via that. This means you can contact them and make sure you are comfortable with them before giving them your full address. Remember Snail Mail is meant to be fun and you are always in control, don't be afraid to turn a potential pen pal down if you aren't comfortable with them.

♥ You never have to do anything you don't want to do - Occasionally you will get people asking to be your pen pal who want you to send them money or gifts. In some cases with gifts it's totally innocent and they are simply interested in gift swapping however if they ever start asking for large gifts or any amount of money then it's probably best to end your correspondence. Unfortunately there are people out there who are only interested in getting money out of you but trust me these are few and far between.

That's pretty much it really! Most of it is just common sense and following the normal internet rules. If you're worried about finding a pen pal who is reliable then you can always contact me @ messagesfrombottles@gmail.com and if I am unavailable to write to you personally I am more than happy to ask one of my pen pals (who I trust) if they would write with you :)

As always if there are any questions don't hesitate to ask me via Tumblr @ messagesfrombottles.tumblr.com or by the email above. I'm happy to answer anything!

Jessica ♥


  1. Hi!
    Yyou are totally right with your ponits. I always chat or send emails with the person I want to do snail mail with later. Facebook is a good way too find out if it's a reliable pen pal. I never had negative experiences as well - and if you see it really exact, addresses kan be find on internet on other ways as well - e.g. in phone books or something like that. So I think to misuse snail mail for addresses cost too much effort. I wouldn't give up to snail mail becoause of that reason :)

    1. That's a good point! I've never really thought about the fact that anyone could get hold of your address in an address book! It's really not worth worrying about these things :) The reward is greater than the cost - Jessica@MessagesFromBottles

  2. Hi, what if I want "mailing" with you? :) You can find me on Interpals