Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Instagram, purchases and deliveries

Cute new hot air balloon envelopes I ordered from the idea owl

My airmail themed fathers day card that I got for my dad

An outgoing letter to my penpal Christine in Canada

New tapes that I got from the idea owl

Another snail mail themed fathers day card!

3 lovely envelope sets with free stickers from bon bons kawaii

My delivery from the idea owl

Delivery from bon bons kawaii

Order from bon bons kawaii

Clearing out my stationery!

This is noodoll who will soon be going on a grand adventure to Florida

The luggage labels I made for Florida from cereal packets and deco tape

The finished product

Letter from Angela, Canada


I haven't posted anything in ages :( But! In my absence this website has had nearly 10000 views! That is crazy, thank you so much to all of you who continue to view my website it really does mean a lot to me.

I thought I'd let you know whats been happening and the plans for posting over the next month so here goes.

I've recently been doing my A-levels and if you know what they are then you will know how much they literally take over your whole life. However yesterday I finished my last exam and now I have finished college totally for the summer, yay! Hopefully that means that now I will be able to keep this website much more up to date than I have recently...

I have had some spare time to keep updating my Instagram (@messagesfrombottles) so after I have finished this post I shall repost what I posted on there but with a sort of running commentary. Hopefully then that will keep you all up to speed with my recent purchases and letters!

However, I am about to travel to America for a whole month so at the moment I am not entirely sure how often I will be able to keep this up while I'm out there, but prepare yourself for Disney themed cuteness when I do finally get round to posting it!

Okay I think that's pretty much it for whats happened recently, to all of my fellow people in the northern hemisphere I hope you are having a lovely start to the summer! And to those in the Southern hemisphere, don't worry it will be summer again soon haha

Jessica xx